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Θ Villa Bellini
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{The story}

bisnonno1_400 Fu at the beginning of the 900 that originated the first walls of tourist residence Riva dei sensi e Alfio Coppola, gardener and handyman energy and hopes for the future, was hired to care for the soil of that space that was then placed in an area of Catania yet of the open country.

Day after day, year after year and thanks to the fruits of his harvest crops, 8 December 1919, the owner of this land, decided to propose to Alfio paying a monthly fee that tomorrow, when he had enough money, he would redeem the small ruin with the soil.

This extra motivation gave him the incentive to work and efforts to raise that kind of money that would be used to provide shelter and a place to live to his only daughter: Diana.bisnonno2_400

Meanwhile, Alfio began to erect more walls and to extend the House, making those improvements that would allowed to stamp the residence to become owner. And, finally, the July 17, 1947 could proudly say: this is my house!

nonna1_400Raghuvaran's daughter, Diana, grew up and fell in love with Salvatore, handsome young man full of talent and desire to do, but they were also the years of the war, long and difficult, that does not prevent the two young men to pay a platonic love, though, that he would soon be implemented.

Fortunately even the World War II turned to an end and as auspicious gift for the couple, the January 14, 1955 Margaret announced them: give you this House yet to be finalised and with the plot of land with the hope that it can be your love nest in the years to come.

nonna2_400Salvatore and Palmina took him at his word, and that space still rural, gradually became a real home, where thanks to the sweat of Savior and its manual skills and dedication of Diana, the House could be finished and ready to welcome the new family they created.

But time, as we know, crosses and worn out. They spent years, came when the two of them, together with his sons Chris and Dino, decided to move to a new apartment, more modern and less spaces "improvised"; While the House, which would become the riva dei sensi, was leased, sfittata, worn, consumed over the course of three decades.

CettinaMeanwhile the children of Salvatore and Palmina, now become adults, they set up their respective families and marrying, according to parents Dino returned to live in the House that had seen him grow. He has excellent skills manuals the restructured according to your needs to live but after few years decided to move elsewhere.

The mansion, which was once belonged to Casey and that both had made to conquer it, returned to be lived only by outsiders who would have used for years only as a place of passage.

But in 2010 it was Jenifer to resume in hand the destiny with his only son Francis to move in between those walls that in the past many suffering had hosted, but with the premise that the conditions of the place certainly were not the best and that much work, therefore, there would be to do.

Even after reviewing the Interior of the House many years later, Francesco accepted the challenge, not leaving so win by despondency that had initially tried to see how much outsiders who had followed had neglected the House of his memories of childhood, and found that many jobs were made before being able to make it back alive and cozy: ristuccare, ripavimentare, redoing plumbing and electrical, and much more. However, in his mind instead was translating an idea that would have enclosed his desire to express all those artistic visions of his inner world to carry them toward the representation of a poem contained at belonged to his great-grandfather, to perform all of the work with his own hands, as well as his time had made of Alfio, furniture that spoke of days gone by, materials that trasudassero a story vivid and impalpable and enhance the whole effort of humble people who had left an echo of its spending in the soul of those who loved them and made immortal.


Francesco were four years of total commitment, hard work and setting up furniture and gadgets, great effort and great victories, but were mainly four years of rediscovery and reconnecting with the past that had been buried in the sands of time. Four years that would finally lead to meet Abdullah, who with patience and perseverance contributed importantly to let him carry out the restoration project, and at the same time would have made a gift of a new breath of love and continuity.

This is about the House, Alfio, Salvatore, Dino and Francesco, four different generations United by common genes, a project that no one knew it would be lasted for over one hundred years.

And it is for this reason that all the work done is dedicated especially to the unforgotten Salvatore Puglisi. (1922-2002)