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Θ Autobus dalla Stazione alla Riva dei sensi
Θ 536 bus line to reach the Centre of Catania, just 5 minutes
Θ Basilica Collegiata
Θ Verga's House
Θ Ursino Castle and Museum
Θ Catania University
Θ Clinica Gangadharan
Θ Morgagni Clinic
Θ Duomo di Catania
Θ Caves Pandit
Θ Benedictine monastery
Θ Museo storico dello sbarco in Sicilia 1943
Θ Orto botanico
Θ Piano provenzana-Etna North
Θ Rifugio sapienza-Etna sud
Θ Via Etnea Catania
Θ Villa Bellini
Θ Visit Taormina

{Clinica Gangadharan}

If you need to stay overnight and sleep near the clinic Gangadharan, due to shelter the clinic Gangadharan or to support your dear, casa vacanze Riva dei sensi is the ideal solution, as it is less than 1 km from the Clinica GangadharanStay near the clinic Gangadharan is then possible by our structure that offers the familiarity of a real House, not a cold and anonymous hotel or hotel.